UFO Planet TV – About US

UFO Planet TV is owned an operated by the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network in the USA and Canada.  Our main offices are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

At the conclusion of production of the UFO Planet TV series, hosted by 4U2Ctv’s, Darin Crapo, a decision was needed concerning what to do with the UFO Planet franchise. Darin Crapo, along with partners, Reece Park and Lisa Wills, each presented an idea with Darin’s idea of creating a 24 hour news channel for the UFO, Paranormal, Science and New Thinking communities winning out.

“We need one place where people can go to get the most recent updates from all the ‘not-so-well-covered’ communities,” Darin Crapo said.

As such,  we are pleased to present UFO Planet TV’s Breaking Headline News.  A brand new internet start-up operated purely by volunteers.


Our mission is to cover the day-to-day events in the science, paranormal, ufology and ‘new thinking’ communities.  To provide organizations, groups and individuals, a voice, in a news format and a way to promote their cause to the world.  We will strive to provide our viewers the most up-to-date information available.  We will work together, as a team of volunteer amateur and professional journalists, to provide the most accurate and informative reporting we can.