Barcelona, Spain Sighting – Is this an insect, bird or UFO?

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona, Spain is back in the news, this time for a UFO sighting. The person describing the object we are looking at did not have a lot to say. The only thing the person wrote for a description was “Flying object from north to south, southeast, fast.”

Usually when people do not supply a description of the event it is because they already know what it is and want to humor us and see if we can figure it out too.

So, we decided to humor the submitter and asked 5 people on Facebook to describe what they see in the video and all five said the same thing, it’s an insect.

Insects can fly close enough to the lens to be captured in a photo yet they are small enough to give the illusion of being something much larger that is far away from the camera.

Insect sighting are the 5th most common type of sighting reported and it is easy to see why. Some of them look pretty convincing.