Broad Daylight Goldfish Shaped UFO in Deming, New Mexico

“So me and a couple buddies are pursuing skateboarding. We got the opportunity by a couple companies up in Los Angeles to go up there and stay for awhile and work on a video part up there. Basically a dream to a skateboarder. We decided to gather up some money to take the drive up to LA! We left at 8pm from San Antonio, TX. We decided to start the trip over late night to completely avoid traffic. It was Me (Luke), and my 2 best friends Peter (second witness), and Victor (asleep at the time). We wanted to get there next day so we did the whole trip in one sitting. About 12 hours or so in we finally left Texas and the morning was coming so I definitely know we were in New Mexico now at this point. I’m a UFO fanatic and have done years of research. I always keep my eyes on the skies in hopes of seeing something completely abnormal. I know what to look for in unknown things and known things. The sun just rose up at about 6:30ish CST time. At 7:00 we are on I-10 highway. There’s absolutely nothing around and its complete desert and mountains now. I’m looking around from shear boredom (and trying to stay up as I’m driving). On my left side I notice what I thought was a storm cloud. The smallest lonesome storm cloud ever! I tapped Peter, who was in the passenger seat, and told him to look. I remember telling him “do you see that dark cloud by itself?” To which he replied “Luke, why do you always got to see UFOs man!?” I joke with them a lot when I see a light Ina the sky just to annoy them for my entertainment. But this time Peter took a double take. “Oh I definitely see that actually. That’s in broad daylight dude” he said. “That’s what I’m saying!” I said. We watched this object for about 7-10 mins or so. I took a good long look. I basically confirmed it to definitely NOT be a cloud.

It was very low but high enough to be distant. It basically looked like a goldfish cracker EXACTLY! It was a very dull gray but still reflected the sunlight. It had no windows and I could not see a seam on the tail. No propellers or engines. It was a literal flying gray goldfish cracker. We had such a good view to see this exact “thing” I rolled down the window to see if I could hear anything and I didn’t. (Mind you though, I’m going 80mph plus so all I heard was wind. No vehicles either at this point) we watched at it was completely still. Then started moving very slowly with us. Keeping pace with us but not making a sudden movement in the process. As we passed the only mountain in sight, it tilted up at a 45 degree angle and moved to the top of the mountain, then straightened out. It hovered straight over the mountain then tilted downward at a 45 degree angle. It descended to its original altitude And straightened out and continued its flight path. I was amazed as we just watched this object navigate OVER the mountain so it was definitely moving. It’s hovering so slowly that, with us moving, it almost looks like it’s not moving! When other oncoming vehicles finally started showing up in view, I couldn’t help but notice it was getting smaller. Very small. This told me that it was now moving away from us. I saw it starting to go upwards and as it got too small, I brought my attention back to the road. We watched it long enough to get a decent video of it. We tried to record it and photo it on my and peters phone but for some reason our phones could not adjust what’s so ever to the object. I pulled my iPod out and that’s what we got the video on. My iPod is an offline device with no service so it struck me as weird that my IPod was able to adjust to it unphased. I sent this to Mufon cause 1. I’m a huge fan and I’m hoping one of these days to contribute in any findings. 2. I know you guys will analyze the footage and I really hope you guys find out what I saw is. I just want to know did we see something strange or not so much? Thank you guys so much. PLEASE EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE IN THE VIDEO BY THE WAY! I am a skater after all…the first video is the good video of the object. The second one is actually the first vid we took but we barely got it in that one. It’s more of me talking about it. I was very excited so please excuse my foul mouth.”

Clip from Planet + Season 6 Episode 8
Air Date: January 2, 2017