California UFO sets some in the UFO community on fire

USA – An image, recently released by someone calling himself “Keith Bradshaw”, shows an object that appears to be hovering in above the ground. Bradshaw claims to have taken several images of the object in 2007 near the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.

Bradshaw says he never released the media until now because he had been too nervous to show anyone. Apparently the images were captured when he and friend entered into an area where they would not have been welcome, near to the base. He tells a story of a helicopter approaching the area and several military vehicles being parked nearby

Bradshaw claims he watched the craft for 10 minutes where he witnessed it in flight. He described it as very unstable and believed it may have been under remote control from someone inside the helicopter.

In today’s UFO world there are times when some fakes are easier to spot than others. Photo and video editing software has become so powerful just about anyone can create a UFO hoax in a matter of minutes.

Since YouTube and Google began monetizing videos and websites, the numbers of persons creating hoax material has skyrocketed adding an entire new layer of mud for the UFO community to wade through.