Camping, Wildlife, Amazing Sunsets & UFO Sightings at Joshua Tree National Park

CALIFORNIA, USA – There is a beautiful place in the United States of America where 2 distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together, Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. you can do just about anything there including camping, hiking, wildlife and some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see anywhere on our planet. However, that is not all people are viewing at Joshua Tree.

On November 4th a husband, wife and 2 children went to Joshua Tree for the first time, to the area known as Hidden Valley. Like most tourists they had their cell phones out shooting photos and videos the entire time.

While using the “live photo” feature on their iPhone. The live photo feature captures about 1.5 seconds of video…. they captured something they are unable to explain.

Here is how they describe the object they captured on video and I quote, “The object, when zoomed in upon, looked disc-like, or maybe a triangle, solid black and it’s trajectory was interesting, going into a straight line, ascending.”

Overall the shooter of the video said they were fascinated and curious to know more. He went on to say he felt excitement due to the sheer luck of the capture. They are anxiously waiting to hear what the experts have to say.