Eerie Purple Light Follows Person in Long Island, New York

Long Island, New York – There was an eerie purple glow over Long Island, New York this past Friday. The witness says this is not the first time this has happened. Last may there was a eerie glow of red in the same area. The witness says that the light responded to his request and changed to purple, which is the event he captured on film.

This is how the most recent event played out in the words of the witness.

“I was walking with a companion from my home in Long Island City on 24th Street along Northern Boulevard when a purple light was seen hovering above a supermarket strip plaza on the south side; immediately upon making eye contact, it began to follow us, and continued to until arriving at Home Depot where it, for lack of a better description, WAITED for us at least a half-hour, until we came out, also exhibiting the same behavior when exiting a Popeye’s and Food Bazaar on the way back, where ANOTHER of them then seemed to JOIN the one that had first appeared to me there – or it may have been somehow split, as the photo suggests, continuing to follow us to my residence and the same general location as on previous occasions.”