Flat Earth Believer, “Mad” Mike Hughes, Set to Launch Rocket on November 25th

California, USA – What would you do if you were a flat earth promoter and no one would believe your theory that the earth is flat? Yes there are people out there who refuse to believe the mounds of evidence proving the earth is round and continue to promote the conspiracy theory saying officials are lying to us, and that the earth is really flat.

“Mad” Mike Hughes, a limo driver from the United States of America, is one of the flat earth theory promoters and he is about the show the world just how smart he is by strapping his rear to a rocket he plans to launch over the California ghost town of Amboy.

Hughes expects his home-made rocket to achieve speeds of 500 MPH as it rockets him to what could be his final moments on this planet.

“Mad” Mike Hughes has been working on his steam powered rocket for a number of years and is reported to have spent around $20,000 US dollars so far.

The 61 year old daredevil plans to launch on Saturday, November 25th saying he likes to do extraordinary things that no one else can do.

We think you are right Mike. We kind of think you would be hard pressed to find anyone to believe the flat earth theory, as for strapping your rear to a rocket… we shall see how well that works out.