Gentleman Astonished by Unidentified Flying Object over London, England on November 26th

London, England – A gentleman was very happy and excited to see the light. The red light high up in the sky over London, and it’s not every day you see something like this right as you exit the bus.

Here is how the gentleman described his experience, “Getting off the bus, I looked up and saw this bright red object hovering in the sky. My first thought was, how funny, I had just been reading the law of one on the bus and now I’m seeing an unidentified flying object in plain sight. I thought maybe it was a drone and that it was most definitely not a plane or helicopter, because of the speed at which it was moving, stopping and changing directions. The way it flew looked exactly like videos I have seen online of other sightings. I was very excited and very happy and I really hope it was an e.t. Craft from one of the benevolent races. The thing finally flew right up, Putney high street, and I lost sight of it.”

One very excited person in London, England. The entire video from this event was over six minutes long, we showed you some of the highlights.