Grant Cameron discusses new messages posted on Open Mind Forum by Dr. Ron Pandolfi

Winnipeg, Manitoba – The American government may be closer to true disclosure than we think. Dr. Ron Pandolfi, CIA scientist, who may have run the UFO operation for the United States government since 1983, and most likely the person who would discuss unidentified flying objects with the president, has taken to posting on Open Minds Forum under the name Foot Mann, according to Canadian researcher, Grant Cameron.

Cameron says, “A quick look at what he has posted is interesting to say the least.”

Could the posts on Open Minds Forum be talking about jump rooms? Grant Cameron has a huge interest in Jump Rooms. A jump room is reported to be a place where people are “transported” from one place to another. He believes Pandolfi is slowly releasing information concerning jump rooms and this may be why he has taken to posting on the open minds forum.

Could it be that the technology of jump rooms actually exists, and the government is finally going to reveal the information to the public? Grant Cameron thinks that may be the case, along with many others in the UFO community.

You can watch Grant Cameron’s entire video on YouTube channel WhiteHouseUFO.


Grant Cameron discusses new messages posted on Open Mind Forum by Dr. Ron Pandolfi, using the handle Foot Mann. They deal with the concept of inter-dimensional portals, and with a question posed about a former CIA official (Dr. Kit Green) and his relationship to the Tom DeLonge UFO disclosure operation.

Pandolfi, the man who may have briefed Trump and five other Presidents on UFOs, gives an answer which deals with the famous UFO Aviary, John Alexander’s UFO Working Group, and a key ET portal story that occurred in the Reagan White House in 1983. Cameron reads the messages explains what Dr. Pandolfi is talking about, and why this may be something important to follow.