How to Shoot A Quality UFO Video in 5 Easy Steps

Canada – Shooting a quality UFO video is an art few master, mostly because people never think about it until the moment they pull their camera out to shoot a video.  After reviewing thousands of videos and photos over the past years, our editing staff at UFO Planet TV have a few pointers on how you can shoot a quality UFO video or photo.

  1. Take the time to learn how the camera on your device operates.  There are some great how-to videos online that will teach you how to properly use the features of your camera the way the manufacturer intended.
  2. Shoot both videos and photos in landscape mode. Before you begin recording,  turn your camera to landscape mode. The resolution is much better, resulting in a higher quality video or photo for later examination.
  3. Keep camera movement to a minimum.  If you shoot in landscape with higher resolution, there is very little need to move the camera around because of the much wider view. This includes zooming in and panning. Steady yourself against something solid like a car, tree or fence, turning your body into a stable tripod.
  4. Include reference points in your video. Start the video by showing your surroundings, it help investigators judge size and distance.
  5. Describe what you are looking at. While you shoot the video,  describe what you are looking at.  There are some great cameras out there but nothing as good as the naked eye. Be your own reporter and report on the event, live as it happens.  Describe what you see and hear.  It will make the viewer experience so much more interesting.

Like everything else we do,  a little practice can go a long way. The next time you see a passenger jet flying overhead,  take our your cell phone and practice shooting a moving object in the sky. Remember to turn your cell phone to landscape mode ‘before’ you start recording. In fact,  shoot two separate videos,  one in landscape and the other in portrait, so you can see the difference for yourself.

Of course our final recommendation is that you submit your capture, and the event story, to our news team here at UFO Planet TV Breaking Headline News.