Is Calgary, Alberta, Canada a UFO Hotbed?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – On October 28th someone was out on their balcony when they noticed some odd clouds in the sky. After grabbing his friends to show them, he was able to capture a single image that he later shared on Instagram. That is when he noticed the extra lights in the photo that he had no noticed at the time he took the picture.

He explained that he is pretty sure it is not a reflection because it does not match any of the lights he was near.

If that was not crazy enough, the very next day he went out onto the balcony to have another look and low and behold he saw an amazing portal looking hole in the cloud cover.

The person also reported seeing a “cylinder long like a football field, 1 mile in altitude, during a bright day of summer mid afternoon no clouds on a trip to KickingHorse ski resort.

He also shared a number of other UFO experiences he has had in the Calgary area over the years, each with a separate group of friends. He says “Slowly humans understand that we aren’t alone in the conscious known universe or multiverse”