Is This A Space Sprocket or Donut? It Can’t Be A UFO Can It?

CHINA – I think Mr Spacely from the Jet-sons would be proud of this next report, a sprocket was reported to have been spotted in the skies over China. They call it a donut, we call it a sprocket.

John Chen from Taipei, Taiwan was waiting around for a Taxi ride home from Dion Lake where he was visiting in China. While he waited for the taxi to arrive he captured some images on his camera.

The mystery really began once he returned home and a family member was looking through the photos and noticed one image contained something suspicious. It was a shape that was clearly out of place in the sky. Something Chen described as donut shaped.

So-called UFO experts around the world claim they are unable to solve the mystery. British UFO researcher, Philip Mantle, ended his examination with what he describes as an “open verdict”.

People often capture items in photos they do not notice until inspecting them later, but normally the objects they shoot look like bugs and not sprockets.