Jeff Ebel Joins Cast of UFO Planet +

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada – A new journey into the unknown began earlier this month when Darin Crapo welcomed Jeff Ebel  as co-host of the Monday edition of Planet +.  A relative new-comer to the UFO world, Jeff will add the perspective of a “newbie” to the examination of UFO videos and photos on each episode.

“Jeff reminds me of what I was like 6 years ago when I began my own journey into the unknown”, says Darin Crapo, Host of UFOPlanet.TV’s Planet + series. “We should be able to have a lot of fun with this,  I plan to ask Jeff to examine the sightings and then offer his opinion on what a newbie might think it is, then I will set him straight,” Darin went on to say, all the while snickering.

Jeff has always been interested in life outside our atmosphere.  For nearly two decades he has dedicated computers, inside his own home, to SETI, in an effort to search for extraterrestrial life. Examining UFO sightings on a web broadcast is something new for Jeff. “Hearing my own relatives share their own UFO experiences as I grew up on the farm in rural Saskatchewan, Canada has always left me wondering,” says Jeff. “Joining the cast of Planet + will give me an opportunity not many in the UFO world get and that is to see what is going on from the inside looking out instead of the outside looking in,” Jeff went on to say.

Jeff will have a specific place on the show.  He will be the “people” person connecting with viewers through social media, email and on the show’s website. On each episode Jeff will have a segment called “Viewer Mail with Jeff Ebel” during which he will read select comments from viewers and respond to them on air.

Aside from the social media role,  Jeff will act as Darin’s sidekick. “Jeff will be sitting just behind me, with a clipboard in hand,  keeping me on target with the show and adding some discussion to the program.  I have been talking to myself for over six years and I look forward to another opinion besides my own being shared with viewers,” Darin says.

Jeff will join Darin and Planet + viewers in the website chat room each Monday evening as the pre-recorded program is broadcast live on YouTube.

By Reece Park, UFOPlanet.TV Staff Writer