Linda Moulton Howe LIVE on historic DoD UFO Confirmation

Live special event with Linda Moulton Howe – Linda talks about the disclosure from the NY Times and other mainstream news.

Disclosure 2017 from mainstream media is causing a huge buzz. Linda Moulton Howe breaks it down and then takes fan questions about the events unfolding.

Here is an excerpt from this video:

December 16, 2017, has been a historic day and night in the annals of the US government. Seventy years of covering up the alien presence behind UFOs also known as unidentified aerial phenomena with strict policies of denials and lies in the interests of national security. But today you might say they have begun confirmation. It began this morning with the New York Times headline article, “…glowing auras and black money the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO program” and it has been followed by more and more releases and other media throughout today and tonight. Also released have been official videos from the “Defense Department’s advanced aerospace threat identification program.” I’m saying that slowly and deliberately because until today and this release I and several other people I’ve talked to, we had never heard of this program before and that agency that has been unknown to everyone until today. We learned in the New York Times article that the DoD’s advanced aerospace threat identification program was brought secretly into being by retired Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, who was the US Senate Majority Leader in 2007 when he got 22 million dollars allocated to the Defense Department’s budget to create and operate the advanced aerospace threat identification program and its goal was to study the extraordinary technology is moving in Earth’s skies seen by hundreds of military pilots over the years.

The UFO craft accelerate like nothing ever seen before and travel at astoundingly fast speeds stopped in midair to 90-degree angle turns brighten and then seemed to expand in size and then disappear much to the astonishment of professional military pilots the advanced aerospace threat identification program was run from the fifth floor of the Pentagon searing of offices by Lois Elizondo Lois Elizondo was one of the five Department of Defense aerospace and scientists that Tom DeLonge introduced in his October 11th, 2017 Facebook live stream to the Stars presentation. Elizondo had resigned from his Pentagon post allegedly just the day before in order to do that live stream and was not officially working in that department in the Pentagon when he appeared in the live stream six weeks later. DeLong posted on his Facebook page and then took down the notice but this is what he posted “as promised the first-ever Declassified videos of UFOs are on their way in a few days these videos will be presented to the world”
And so this December 16th New York Times article seems to be linked to that DeLong posting. The New York Times article explains that in response to its inquiry about confirming the advanced aerospace threat identification program that “Pentagon officials this month of December acknowledged the existence of the program which began as part of the Defense Intelligence Agency that’s the DIA”’ The Times States “ the Defense Department has never before acknowledged the existence of the program“ Strangely the Pentagon says the program was shut down in 2012 five years after it was funded by Senator Harry Reid’s efforts in Congress.

But other sources have told the New York Times that in fact the UFO program has continued to “ investigate episodes with UFOs brought to the Pentagon by service members while also carrying out their other Defense Department duties“ Retired Nevada Senator Harry Reid told the New York Times “ I’m not embarrassed or ashamed or sorry that I got this thing going I think it’s one of the good things that I did in my congressional service I’ve done something that no one has done before“