Multiple Black UFOs Spotted Over Del Mar, California on November 29th

Del Mar, California – Our next story from Del Mar, California is fascinating. The witness said he thought the objects in his video are strange and is looking for some professional input to help determine what exactly was captured on film. The event took place on November 29th at 9 AM pacific time.

Here is what the witness said about the experience.

“At first I thought it looked like black balloons, and they did kind of move like that, in the way that they ascended through the sky together. But there was also something weird about it. All three of them moved indipendintly backward, forward, and around each other.”

“It felt strange.”

“All balloons I’ve seen in the sky seem to have a direct path and don’t wobble around like these did, but, who knows. Just thought it was strange and wanted to send to you for your expertise.”

The editing team here at breaking headline news thought perhaps we are looking at a video of birds hunting. Reece Park says, “At first they looked just like the sparrow hawks I see hunting for mice in my area. They fly on the thermal currents and stay aloft for hours until they spot a meal. On closer inspection, I am not sure what we are looking at.”

I guess we will have to wait and see what the experts say about this one.