UFO Planet is proud to be part of the ROKU Streaming Television family of public channels listed in the ROKU guide.  Tens of thousands of homes have subscribed to our channel sending ROKU to the top of our viewership charts.  We thank everyone who watches on ROKU Streaming TV.

Programs are available 24 hours sooner on ROKU.  New programs in High Definition every Monday and Thursday on ROKU Streaming TV.


How to add UFO Planet to your ROKU

Option 1: From your ROKU.

  • From home… goto “Streaming Channels”
  • Scroll down to “Special Interest” channels.
  • Browse “Special Interest” to find “UFO Planet”
  • NOTE: You can also use the “Search Channels” feature to locate UFO Planet.

Option 2: From your MyROKU website.

  • You will need to know your ROKU account information to use this option.
  • Our ROKU channel code is “UFOPLANET”.
  • Visit My ROKU Add-a-Channel Website using the link below and enter our channel code.