Second Witness Captures Footage of “Telephone Pole” UFO Over Dover, New Hampshire

Dover, New Hampshire – We have a second video from Dover, New Hampshire showing the “pole” looking unidentified flying object that was reported by another witness yesterday.

The witness from today’s video was driving down the highway attempting to capture footage of a collision. He had not intended to capture video of the pole object, that was simply a bonus.

This is how the event was described by the witness.

“At 8:45 am heading south bound on NH Rt 16 approaching tolls in Dover. Heavy traffic south bound caused by rubber necking to see north bound crash. I was taking a video of the traffic crash when I noticed something in the sky. It looked like a telephone pole and was black. I was probably moving at 10 miles per hour and when it went past me. It was moving right along, maybe 30 miles per hour. I lost sight of it in the bright sun.”

The object is a lot more clear in this clip than it was in the previous clip from Dover. There is something strange going on here, more than one person witnessed the same event from different angles.

Object Over Dover, New Hampshire Did Not Move Like A Normal Airplane