Snakes on Mars? Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Book a Flight

Written By: Darin Crapo

canadaCanada – Just when you thought it was safe to book a flight to Mars for 2030, we learn from the whacky side of the Internet, Mars has snakes!

Before you call Virgin Mars Galactic to cancel your trip, we have to consider the sourse.  Recently a multitude of websites published the story of snakes on Mars, but one YouTube channel takes care of the group pretty fast.

There are many who believe NASA has been faking just about everything from the very start.  From the landings on the moon,  to misleading the public to believe they have rovers on Mars.  They, the whacky side of the Internet,  believe all the photos and footage shoots have been staged and continues to be staged.

We also need to keep in mind,  some people would argue that water is not wet,  until they are drowning in it!

“Theorists believe that NASA never sent a rover to mars and has been sending back images from remote desert regions on Earth. Some believe NASA is sending images from isolated facilities in Nevada, while others have pointed to a remote island in Canada where they believe the government agency was able to mimic Mars-like conditions and uses the area as a backdrop for photos,” says ToMoNews says on their YouTube channel.

Hats off to the guy at ToMoNews for telling it like it is! What do you think of the “snakes on Mars” theory, or do you think it is all a sham?