Sound of Gunshots Draws Brothers Outside to Witness a UFO Sighting

St. Louis, Missouri – Now we go to St. Louis, Missouri where the Sound of Gunshots Drew Brothers Outside to Witness a UFO Sighting

On November 11 a male and his brother ran outside after hearing gunshots coming from the outside of the home. The brothers instantly ran outside to see what was going on. That is when a UFO appeared out of no where, at least according to the male who was part of the brother duo who witnessed this event.

Tha male says, “it started coming towards us but at a distance and then it stopped and hovered a few feet above a treetop , then it kind of wobbled side to side”.

He went on to report that the object then moved around behind the tree level disappearing out of sight.

The unnamed male says he watches a lot of UFO videos online and was excited to finally see one for himself in broad daylight over St. Louis, Missouri.

Along with the video recorded by the report submitter, another witness captured still photos of the same object. As is normal for a UFO sightings capture, the still photos seem to be a bit more clear.

On average just over 5,000 UFO sightings are reported annually to the Mutual UFO Network which is a fraction of the actual sightings that go un-reported because of the stigma surrounding the belief in UFOs.

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