Spooky as Brothers Witness UFO Together in Worcester, Massachusetts

Worcester, MA, USA – A trip to the store in Worcester, Massachusetts proved a bit spooky for a couple of brothers on November 23, 2017.

The witness says he looked up into the sky on his way home and noticed what he described as, “a constellation like formation.”

Here is how the witness described the event, “I star gaze regularly so it caught my attention bc I have never seen this before and at this time. It is within our hemisphere not in galaxy (I believe anyway). The objects were shaped like a V. I think between 6-8 objects..white orbs. I pulled to side of road to get a better look and took pic. I was around corner from home. I called my brother to come out and see! We both captured them in next few minutes. They slowly ascended and followed each other to the northeast direction which is video I got. There was no noise at all. Then over trees they vanished!”

Another interesting experience for a couple of brothers. One they probably won’t forget for a while.