We want to hear your story!  Starting March 26, 2018 you will be able to call in and speak to Darin Crapo about your UFO, Abduction, Near Death, Paranormal or Amazing Experiences.

Now you can contact Darin Crapo with your story.

There are several ways you can contact Darin:

  • Telephone:  Call 801-935-9434
  • Skype: darin.UFOPlanet
  • E-Mail (Arrange for Darin to call you) darin@4u2ctv.com


PLEASE WATCH OUR LIVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO SEE WHEN LINES ARE OPEN. Telephone and Skype line status are displayed in real-time on our live YouTube channel.

Calls are not live on air, so feel free to relax and have a discussion with Darin.  The recorded call will then be added to our daily line up on UFO Planet Radio.

ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED for broadcast on UFO Planet Radio.  Callers need only give their first name and location.

What kind of questions will Darin ask?

Darin will lead you through telling your story.  He will be interested in the who, what, where, when and why.


The explanations / theories / ideas presented are not necessarily shared by UFO Planet TV or the 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network and are solely the theories of the video creator.