The Earth is Alive, Near Death Experience Brings Back Information

USA – Sometimes when people return from a near death experience, their lives are changed forever. That was the case with American, Amy Call, who went through her own remarkable near-death experience in 2003. What sets Amy’s experience apart from others, is that she came back with some important information about our planet. During her NDE, Amy says she learned that the earth is a living being, has a spirit and intelligence.

Amy then went on to explain how her spirit guide took her on a tour of the world and how she was able to feel each city and neighborhood.

Amy’s experience has left her a changed person and is one of the most remarkable near death experiences on public record. Her claims that the earth is alive are shared by many, as for individual neighbourhoods, we have all “felt” the different “ora” as we go from one are to another within the same city.

We will learn more about Amy’s experience and other things she learned on a future NDE spotlight.

Below is the complete presentation by Amy Call.