“They are spraying chemicals and we all need to wake up”

Ossining, NY – “They are spraying chemicals and we all need to wake up.”, that is what someone in New York claims.

A few days before this video was captured, the submitter says she had been having a discussion about the chem trail controversy on Facebook. Just a couple days later on November 17, 2017, she was walking home from the store in Ossining, NY, when she noticed 3 planes in the area leaving behind what she described as ‘chemicals’.

The shooter says at that point she took out her cell phone and starting recording. That is when she noticed three more planes, for a total of six, and a UFO flying underneath the sith plane. She says she never noticed the UFO until she reviewed the video later and does not believe the UFO to be a bird. The shooter reports that it was a clear day.

Apparently this is not the first time this person has witnessed a UFO, just the first time she has caught one on camera but says what was even more strange is, and I quote, “two of the planes completely disappeared, no they did not fly out of view, I thought it was very strange.” She went on to add “no I’m not crazy.” The shooter also said, “I’m starting to see more and more strange things.”