Two Orange Glowing Balls Spotted over Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas – Our next story comes from Dallas, Texas where someone is reporting two orange glowing balls travelling in the same direction. The sighting took place on Thursday, November 23, 2017.

The witness said, “I was taking out the trash, and looked up two see an orange glowing ball, travelling slowly. I live near an airport, and am used to planes. I recognize the distinct red and green, and strobing white lights of airplanes. This was not a plane, a solid orange glowing ball.”

The witness went on to say, “They both traveled at the same speed, perceived to be slow, in the same direction. The leading one stopped for just a few seconds.”

The witness reports there was no assumptions as to what he saw, besides unusual. During all of this, plenty of planes were visible, coming and going, from both Love Field and Dallas Fort Worth Airport, these two orange balls looked nothing like those planes.