“UFO Fleet” Hovers Over Engenho Novo, Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, someone is reporting a UFO fleet hovering above the city. The event is reported to have taken place on November 16th.

The videos submitted with the event were shot using an iPhone 7. It is always important for an iPhone user to idetify the cell phone used.

The witness described what he saw this way. “…pulsating, changing colors, lights from blue, green to red yellow and in formation of three, mostly. They came from nothing and disappeared to nothing with five minutes approximate of duration.”

A bit of trouble with the translation there but I think we all get the point.

The video is a bit rough and the shooter moves the camera around a lot but we can clearly see a formation of lights in the night sky. Because of the distance and the darkness it is really hard to say what we are looking at. I guess we will have to leave this one for the experts.