Unexplained Objects Captured in Game Cam Photos Near Wellfleet, Nebraska

Wellfleet, Nebraska – We have some game cam photos from small town America next. A series of game camera photos have left the camera owner wondering what exactly is going on in the sky above their small little town.

The game camera is located about one mile outside the small town of Wellfleet, Nebraska, which has a population of around 73, providing no one has any dinner guests on census night.

Here is what the witness is this case had to say.

“Attached are 5 photos from the camera all from October 28th, 2017, within 4 hours of each other. I am not sure what these objects are. One looks sort of like a weather balloon, but if that’s what it is, it appears to be drifting against the prevailing winds. It looks like an orb, but it certainly wasn’t around for long. A balloon would have been captured in multiple frames. I would suspect the round objects must be at least 30 feet in diameter, and the ‘lazy triangular’ object in one photo, would indicate to me that is larger than 50 feet across, and even taller. These photos do not look like helicopters to me, and I served over 22 years in the Army.”

We know one thing for certain, if an X army man can’t explain something up in the air, then we have a challenge on our hands.