What is Steven Barone Capturing on Video Near Nellis Air Force Base?

BY Lisa Wills – 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network

Las Vegas, Nevada – When it comes to being located in the perfect spot to study unidentified flying objects, Steve Barone from Las Vegas, Nevada has it nailed.  Barone lives about 77 miles, as the crow flies, from the infamous Area 51. Many in the UFO world theorize alien craft are being stored at Area 51, or at least they were stored there at some point in the past.  The not-so-secretive government installation is said to be a likely location for experimental craft being developed by the military.

Barone, who describes himself as “retired”, spends a lot of time examining the sky from his Vegas backyard, perched on a high-point overlooking the city. From this vantage point he is able to scan the skies for miles around using a combination of a standard HD camcorder along with a night vision camera to capture each unidentified object in both mediums.

“Just looking at that part of the sky with night vision and I was shocked at what I was finding.  Thing that I was never able to see visually before,” Barone explains.

Barone is known for his videos.  He has developed a certain “integrity” in the UFO world because of the way he reports his findings.

“I like the way Steve reports about his films.  He is not claiming the sightings to be anything other than unusual.  I like that about him,” says Darin Crapo, host of Planet + Experiencers. “Steve is in the perfect place on this planet to capture footage.  We are lucky to have someone like Steve close to Area 51 to act as our eyes and ears on a daily basis,” Darin Crapo went on to say.

Footage captured with HD night vision camera.

Steven Barone has a website associated with his work aptly named UFOs in the USA. (ufosintheusa.com) On the website,  you can view all the media captured by Barone.  Most of the videos are narrated by Barone himself making them informative and enjoyable to watch.  If you have ever wondered what is happening in the sky above Area 51, Barone’s work is a must watch.

On season 6 episode 23 of Planet + “Experiencers” edition,  Darin Crapo spends one hour with Steven Barone talking about his work.  Four of Barone’s videos will be the main topic of discussion.

This will be Steven Barone’s third guest appearance on the UFO Planet program.

Written by: Lisa Wills – 4U2Ctv Multimedia Network

Editors Note: Planet + S6E23 will be available on Thursday, March 23, 2017.