YouTuber Recycles NASA Video Footage Asking “White Knight Satellite Discovered?”

NASA – We have another story from the imagination station today. This one comes from YouTuber “UFO Today” who thinks he has discovered the White Knight Satellite in some old NASA footage.

As often happens in the UFO world, UFO Today has recycled footage from a 2011 launch of the Space Shuttle Endevor. Now he is asking the question, “White Knight satellite discovered?” Most everyone in the UFO community has heard about the Black Knight satellite that is said to have been orbiting earth for thousands of years. Now according to a YouTuber, we have a White Knight too.

The video in question is reported to have been recorded with a hand-held camera during the launch. The footage clearly shows the external fuel tank but it also shows something else that is less easy to explain. Of course that never stops UFO YouTubers from making up their own explanation in the name of viewers.

Viewers of the recycled video are not all that supportive of the attempt to create a fantasy surrounding the footage.

CloudyMN1979 commented saying, “That’s mylar insolation.”

WeBeGood was a little more direct with his comment saying, “Yes, you have identified it, it is the White Knight Satellite and it’s up-side down!!! Now that you have identified it, it is no longer an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), but is an Identified Floating Object (IFO). Please take this video of the IFO off of your UFO Today channel and stop calling it a UFO. Today!”

I don’t think there is a single thing we can add to WeBeGoods analysis. YouTube is loaded with channels operated by unqualified self appointed scientists who’s main reason for exiting is to earn money. Viewers of YouTube UFO channels should be very careful what they believe.